Sri Lanka

Surrounded by golden beaches and rolling surfs the tiny island of Sri Lank is the travelers dream come true. Whether you are a leisure traveler, adventure seeker or a nature lover, Sri Lanka has unique experiences for you to immerse. Within this 65,610 km2 you can find all that you want to experience be it ancient ruins, wildlife, exotic landscape, dynamic night life and more.

Things to do

Sky is the limit to the breath and the depth of the experience in this paradise island has to offer. The rich urban adventures to depth of spirituality and from extreme leisure lovers to hyper adventurous souls – the choices are unlimited. Make your wish list before you come and let us know what you want to experience and we will make it happen.

What to eat

With over 5000 years of history and rich cultural diversity, the food in Sri Lanka has great variety and distinct taste. The staple meal of being rice & curry, but supplement enough with varied of food choices including Indian, Chinese, Italian and even fast food. The different regions & communities have their own native food and distinct recipes that specially the foodies should not miss out.

Seasonal Events you shouldn’t miss out

The rich cultural diversity and multi-ethnic demography of Sri Lanka offer the outside visitors events of wonder and fascination. The year-round cultural & religious events of Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and Christian add diverse color to the socio cultural experience you cannot miss out. The unique hybrid rituals and the deep harmony within different communities will fascinate the outsiders.

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